The Future of Cannabis Tissue Culture is here


As the Cannabis business continues to expand across the United States, we are seeing an increase in both scale and level of sophistication of the industry.  With these two factors continuing to grow, the need for cannabis tissue culture products and services will grow exponentially.

Advanced cannabis plant science starts with tissue culture.  The uses for plant tissue culture are numerous, they include pathogen elimination, rapid propagation, protoplast isolation, embryo culture, somatic embryo genesis, anther cultures, synthetic seed production, callus culture, mutated cell selection as well as the production of specific botanical substances.  There is no doubt that the cannabis industry will find many different uses for tissue culture in the years to come.

This method of plant propagation is considered by many to be an industry “Best Standard & Practice”, and is now widely accepted by horticulturalists.  Since its introduction the tissue culturing of plants has play a significant role in commercial agriculture & pharmaceutical production.

Tissue Culture in Food Crops


When you look into where much of your food comes from, you will find that it often will begin its journey as a plant tissue culture.  Many of the planet’s important food crops are stored as tissue cultures in large depositories, like the Svalbard Seed Vault in Norway & universities across the globe.