Meristematic’s Clean Cultivar Program uses proprietary tissue culture processes to rejuvenate mother plants while simultaneously filtering out diseases and pests from them. All new mother stock is thoroughly analyzed, using sensitive molecular techniques, to verify that disease-causing organisms are eliminated entirely. Growers then use the rejuvenated mother stock to improve in-house clone production. This service allows cultivators to enjoy some of the benefits of tissue culture, without building a lab or hiring expensive staff to manage a tissue culture program.   

The tissue culture process involves surgically removing growth nodes (junction points between main stem and lateral branches), or in some cases the meristem (growing tip) from the source plant. This plant tissue is then treated to eliminate disease and placed on specialized growth media designed for cannabis. The cells are cultured on this media until they have produced shoots large enough to be subdivided or transferred to a rooting media. Once root development has begun, the new plant is transferred to a Rockwool cube where it is allowed to finish root establishment and to grow to a height of 3 to 4 inches. The new plant is then transferred to the client for clone production at the grow site.


It is easy to get your favorite cannabis strain into the Clean Cultivar Program. Simply provides us with a 3-4 healthy, rooted clones of the Cannabis genotype to be introduced into the program, pay the required deposit and in 4-6 months Meristematic will return to your organization healthy mother stock plants that have been screened for pathogens and produced from tissue culture. We can also have your cannabis cultivar genetically sequenced by Phylos and registered in the Phylos Galaxy during the tissue culture process if desired.

Meristematic can maintain your cannabis genotype cell cultures, and prepare new mother stock plants on an annual or quarterly time frame depending on your specific needs.

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